Learn How to Effectively Use the TriMetrixHD™ & TriMetrixACI™ in Your Client Debriefs - Raising Client Satisfaction and Increasing Your Revenue.

You will Gain Instant Experience, Knowledge and Expertise using the ACI Assessment with Behaviors & Motivators. 

Be able to Debrief & Coach -- Anyone, Anywhere and Anytime -- using Simple Proven Techniques.

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Learn a Proven Model for Debriefing & Coaching Clients from an experienced user of the TriMetrixHD™. Gain Experience from Hundreds of One-on-One Debriefing & Coaching Client Sessions. Your Investment is only $297

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92% Predictability Uses 3 or More Assessment Sciences

Experience with the Assessment Sciences opens the Doors to Wisdom and Expertise. Application of the Experience opens the Doors to Success and Achievement. Gain the Experience in One Day by Learning How To Apply these Assessment Sciences in Real Time.

  • Acumen Capacity Index

    Learn the Business Foundations contained in the ACI and specifically How To use it in Your Debriefs and Coaching Assignments. The Application of the Key Elements contained in the ACI have contributed major dialogue with clients – demonstrating the accuracy of the tool

  • DISC & Motivators

    Yes, the Application of DISC and the Workplace Motivators are reviewed. Seasoned Chairmen Club members have learned NEW ways of Applying the Patterns to Debriefs and Coaching. We are not talking about Theory here – only Business Application.

  • Influencing the Whole

    When using the TriMetrix™ series of reports, the key coaching point is the integration of all the Assessment Sciences to identify an Individual’s Natural Strengths and Weaknesses. Then How these Strengths and Weakness impact their job performance.

Active Member of TTI since 1990.

Experienced with all the TTI Assessment Tools and versions. Spent countless hours learning from Bill Bonnstetter discussing Graphs and the Application of Graph Patterns to Individual Performance. Then, spent time learning the Hartman Index from the experts - Bill Brooks, Matt Henderson, Ashley Bowers and directly from the Hartman Institute on the best application methods. You will get the Usable Executive Summary of How these Sciences work together.

Learning Made Simple and Effective

Using video allows for complete learning of the methods with the use of case studies and examples throughout the training. No Complex Ivory Towered Theory to Learn - only Simple Applications.
Helping Your Clients to Improve their Performance and Showing their Appreciation..

  • VAA Comment

    WOW! After learning your methods for debriefing the assessments I landed three new contracts in two weeks. The key was debriefing the decision maker using your methods and it differentiated me from my competitors. Thanks.

    C. D.

  • Chairmen Club Member

    You taught me ways to apply – even the basics like DISC & Motivators – in new ways. Really common sense ways that opened up new opportunities for me. In fact, using your methods helped me land several large 5 figure contracts applying your methods. Thanks Voss,

    G. A.

  • Two Sciences to Four

    We have been using DISC and Motivators for years with great success, yet, we were not sure about using ACI with our clients. Your methods not only helped us in using the ACI science, it even improved how we were using the DISC and Motivators with our Clients. WOW, You are the Best.

    B. B.