Workplace Motivators the “WHY” in People Performance

Using assessments in business is still important since it is the only true source for objectivity in understanding people. Since people are the key source for performance, productivity and results, it is important to know “WHY” each person does the things they do. Some people believe they only need a behavioral assessment to answer all…

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How to Choose the Right Assessment for Your Company

How do you choose the right assessment from so many choices? That is a question that shows up every day. Some people have the answer and others just keep using the one that was introduced to them while in school. Others use the ones recommended by their boss or someone they trust or respect. The…

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DISC Tells You “HOW” People Do Things

So, you want to know “how” a person communicates, talks, walks, listens, deals with people, handles processes and rules, makes decisions, goes after goals and problems? Then you need to look at a DISC assessment to answer the question. DISC assessments answer these questions and more. The tool tells you if a person is feeling…

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