Our company has been helping clients across the United States for over Twenty-Five Years. One area our clients consider an “Area of Excellence” for them – is using assessments in their business. Helping our clients build better team work, improve communication effectiveness, evaluation of talent – particularly sales teams, upgrading the hiring and selection process and determining the overall culture of an organization – identifying the strengths and areas for improvement using employee evaluations.

Our company is InnerActive Consulting Group, Inc. and you are welcome to visit our main website and review the services we have and will be providing to our clients as well as a list of our satisfied clients. We look forward to working with you.

Call us at 901-757-4434 or email Voss W Graham at Voss @ InnerActiveConsulting.com. Voss is a …

Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst
• Certified Professional Values Analyst
• Certified Professional TriMetrix Analyst
• Certified Professional Performance DNA Analyst
• Certified Professional EQ Analyst
• Certified Stages of Business Growth Analyst
• Member of TTI's International Faculty
• Member of TTI's Chairman's Club
• Member of TTI's Visionary Partners Forum

with 25 years of experience of connecting the dots between theory and RESULTS. He can assist you in top-grading talent and evaluating the quality of your current on-board talent.